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Simlock and FRP Solutions

123UNLOCK has been a household name in the telecom world for years, we provide our services directly to private individuals (end users) and (telecom) companies.

What do we do ?

Since 2006 our main business is removing SIMLOCKS on GSM devices, telecom providers have an interest in a simlock because you are bound to their network. The devices with simlock are usually sold cheaper because the provider can earn back the extra discount from call credit and data bundles.

Remote Unlocking

The technology has not stood still in recent years, nowadays we can unlock a large number of phones remotely, by means of a unique code, or with a standard data cable via our Simlock Remote Service, wonder if this is possible for your device? Please contact us.

What we can unlock?

Besides removing the Simlock we can also reset the device code, disable a Google / FRP lock, or provide your phone with the latest software.

Why Unlock your device?

  • Increase the value of your GSM.
  • Free choice between all providers.
  • Use a cheap prepaid phone.
  • Use device abroad.
  • FRP / Google Account problem
  • Device code forgotten.

Why Choose us?

  • More than 13 years active in telecom.
  • We use the latest techniques.
  • We develop the unlock software ourselves.
  • No-Cure No-Pay warranty.
  • Within 12 hours an answer by e-mail.
  • Own online unlock platform.

Recently Online Unlocked

  • Samsung SM-A505FN (29-05-2023 13:43:05)
  • Samsung SM-G930W8 (26-05-2023 21:22:26)
  • Samsung SM-G390F (26-05-2023 15:15:57)
  • Samsung SM-G390F (26-05-2023 15:11:47)
  • Samsung SM-G390F (26-05-2023 15:06:59)
  • Samsung SM-G390F (26-05-2023 15:00:53)

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